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Homes Offering Purposeful Education, Inc. is an association of parents from Davidson County and surrounding counties who have undertaken the responsibility and challenge of educating their children at home. 

Special oppertuities for Homeschoolers

David Vogel has been teaching critical thinking and communication to
homeschoolers throughout central North Carolina through Living the Answer
LLC for six years. He will be offering a debate class in Winston-Salem in
the fall at Lewsville Baptist Church in Lewisville.
*NCFCA POLICY DEBATE *(ages 14-18, $299, 2:00-5:00, August 22 - May 9)
For students who desire to cultivate reasoning and analytical ability,
rhetorical skill, confidence, intellectual curiosity, and mental
flexibility, there is no better option than policy debate. The policy
format - which emphasizes the use and evaluation of evidence - also
encourages students to develop strong research skills. Former policy
debaters, now in college, say that debate was one of their most important
preparations for academic excellence because it taught them to think well
about any issue they encountered. Recognizing its value, many colleges give
significant weight to policy debate experience when making admissions and
scholarship decisions. This class meets on Thursdays, every-other week for
three hours.

To register or get more information about this class, as well as online
classes including Algebra, Worldview, and Philosophy, visit

*"**David Vogel's competence and thorough knowledge of the subject
contributed to his passionate and engaging manner as an instructor... I
would highly recommend this class and teacher to any prospective students."
~Homeschool mom (more

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